How Go Help Me Fund Works!

Go Help Me Fund is the best place to fundraise, whether you are an individual, group, or organization.

Our fund raising donation site was designed to be the best 
using multiple names to increase your chances of receiving the money you absolutley need.

We started with 





And thought ! 

If your good enough to help yourself or someone in need, 
you should be rewarded for that. 

Hence our new alternate main name .

Go Reward Fund. com

Sound cofusing !

Use any of the names above 

Do good for yourself or help someone in need,
and we will reward you by sending you a portion of the funds. 

You deserve a reward for doing good.

It's easy and free to do.

With these few following steps.

1.   Add A Fundraiser

Star your funding page

>   After clicking on the

 " Start. a GoReward page

Begin to think about the amount of money funds you need to fundraise. 

This is the amount of money called your fundraising goal. 

It can be any amount.  $ 100.00   $ 100,000,000 . Etc.

>  Tell everyone what happened with a story

>  Upload a photo

It's so easy to do.

Here is a s example Fundraing story

"My parents can't retire."

They are old and tired and lost all their money to pay hospital Bill's. 
Like many Americans it's getting harder to survive with wages shrinking and everything becoming more expensive.
They worked all their lives into thier 70's and still working.
I feel so bad for them.

Then I heard about the
Go Reward

There so old.  Feel so bad,
Please send a few dollars please.

Thanks from,
The can't retire family

This is based on a true story.
You'll tell your true story , and then, go to the next esay step.

2.   > Tell your friends online

 Send them a link that. takes them directly to your GoReward or GoHelpmefund
 story page, so they can donate .
Find you fundraiser page and click on and highlight the url address bar at the very top of the page. Copy and paste on your text email or socail media page to show your friends and family.

>  Tell everyone on social media. Very important.

>  Send text & emails

>  Post on blogs, online walls,
 in churh and community halls

3.   > Accept money

>  click on accept donations

>  Send out thanks to donors

>  Tranfer funds to your personal.     account

>  finished

click on "Add Fundraiser" or
And stsrt your free Fundraiser Page easily