Common Questions

 Frequently common asked questions.

Example question:

1. How do I start a 2nd fundraiser on my account ?
You must be logged out of any existing account and use a new email.

2.  How much is the cost to join and start a fundraiser page ?

There is no fee .  It's free to join or start a fundraiser page. 

5% operating amont is taken from all the donations made .
The operating cost provides hosting ,website maintenance,
Customer service and multible assorted operating cost.

3. How do I create and copy a link to send my friends and family ? 
I want to send the link to them by text, on  email and show them on my socail media like Facebook ?


Copy and Send them a link that takes them directly to your GoReward or Gohelpmefund
 story page, so they can donate and view your fundraiser story.

Click on and highlight the URL. In the address bar at the very top of the page. Copy and paste on to your text, email or socail media page to show your friends and family
For any support or question on Corona fundraisers .
Please contact: