About Us

Our fund raising donation site was designed to be the best 
using multiple names to increase your chances of receiving the money you absolutley need.

We started with 





And thought ! 
If your good enough to help yourself or someone in need, 
you should be rewarded for that. 

Hence one of our new Alternate main names .

Go Reward Fund. com

Do good for yourself or help someone in need,
and we will reward you by sending you a portion of the funds. 

You deserve a reward for doing good.

It's easy and free to do.

Although we use many names to assist in marketing to increase the efforts and chances of getting you the money and funds that you absolutley need. 

We settled on the GoHelpMe Fund as our main name to include everyone and make our great name easy to remember.

Unfourtunetly we also have had to add the Corona HelpFund.com to assist with everyone now suffering lost of jobs, income, food, death and no way to pay their bills.
Children and families are suffering.

So we created the CoronaHelpFund.com to donate 100 % of the money you send to assit with the Corna Virus outbreak urgent emergency.

I know you will help.
Thank you from your family and friends.